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Poor Little Rich Girl

a Web Series

In the fall of 2016, with a budget of $3k, Natalie independently produced the 5 episode series. In the spring of 2017, she dropped the series within a week (one episode released per day) on Youtube & Facebook.


Her goal was to poke at and examine privilege, while getting you to laugh along the way. She is eternally grateful for all the powers that be who brought this project to full fruition. Please contact directly for access to full series. Episode 1 below.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 6.52.54 PM.png

Full Cast: 

(in order of appearance)

Natalie D'Amico as Self

Darrian Dinero as Camera Man

Olivia Vangieri as Upset Driver

Greg Woods as Manager 

Jennifer Novak Chun as Mom

Angelina Guarisco as Mysterious Student

August Anthony Allen as Diva Student

Ezra Balcha as Sensitive Student 

Yazmin Monét Watkins as Acting Teacher 

Sam Petersen as Pompous Student

Ryan Blake as Jittery Student 

and Janine Brito as Therapist 


Full Crew: 


Created & Directed by Natalie D'Amico 

Written by Natalie D'Amico, Darrian Dinero,

                  & Gia Vangieri Elliot

Produced by Natalie D'Amico & Gia Vangieri Elliot

Executive Produced by Gia Vangieri Elliot & Angela Gulner

Direction of Photography by Darrian Dinero 

Series Editing by Michael Mason

Additional Editing by Gia Vangieri Elliot 

Music by Nehemiah "Uri'el The Light" Thompson

Additional Vocals by Mercy 

Promo Shots and Social Media by Kiana Parker

Special THANK YOUS to Charlie Pecoraro, Miceli's Universal City, UCB Training Center LA,

Myriad Pictures, William Shakespeare, & most of all -

my friends + family. This could not have been done without all your support. I love you.  

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